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Help for Relationships   

The idea of counseling  is to save time. It's assistance in understanding yourself and others. It's  easier to face fears when someone, who is not involved, is helping. I believe that fear is what keeps us apart which results in pain and suffering. Understanding brings us back to respect and trust for one another.


Please see Life Transitions for help with mental illness.


Services with Jim DeMaio, MS, CAP, Rev

  • Personal Counseling

  • Helping not Fixing Skills Group

  • A Course in Miracles Book Study & Fellowship

  • Bible Sharing & Fellowship

  • Dream Interpretation

Jim De Maio

Our Mission

I was born and raised on Long Island where I completed my undergraduate studies in philosophy at Stonybrook University (SUNY). I earned a masters degree in 1981 from Wright State in communication skills (Masters in personal counseling).  In 1989 my wife & I founded Life Transitions Inc., a group private practice after the State of Florida certified me as an Addictions Professional. Life Transitions provides chemical dependency and mental health counseling services.  I was ordained a relationship counselor by AIWP in 2001 which also established the non-profit  Helping Ministry of AIWP.

If you want to develop your relationships then you will find your experience at Helping Ministry rewarding. You may involve spouse, children, co-workers/managers, second marriage partners including the special challenge of bringing children together into a new household. My communication model was designed to help you overcome the fears that might be involved in relating to someone you have strong feelings for.


A Course in Miracles Book Study & Sharing

A Course in Miracles replaces guilt in our lives with responsibility. 

Sharing gives you a chance to meet others in conjunction with the support we all need to maintain happiness.

Helping not Fixing Group

Helping not Fixing is a skills building group providing the means for success in relationships.

You can learn how to: develop your helping skills, use the communication model,  see the value of your dreams

Bible Sharing

Take the opportunity to share what the verses mean to you. Discern with others

Call or text (941) 875-5162 to connect with Jim  DeMaio

My screenplay, Jesus the Lover, is based on an imagined view of a savior who knew how to end suffering for himself and others.

My book, Helping Not Fixing, was written as a manual in learning the difference between enabling and truly helping others.
Helping Ministry was founded in May 2001 by Jim De Maio

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